What’s New
  • This web site is brand new again! A lot of changes have been made making it easier for our customers to navigate, use the search engine, and pay for licensing.
  • Our new interactive rate card uses Pay Pal now instead of Google Checkout. We listened to our customers and it was noted that you preferred Pay Pal so we switched. Of course you can still pay the old fashioned way by check or wire.
  • We now have a Youtube License. Check it out on our interactive rate card. We have been getting a lot of inquiries about this so we made sure to add this license to our lineup.
  • We have a new and imporved on-line license application. It is easy to use and allows us to generate your license faster.
  • Soundminer has updated their software so you will begin noticing subtle changes on our search engine — all designed to make your life easier.
  • Check out our “New CDs” page to hear new material and to see what is coming in the future.
  • The Big Score Music Library is now available on “Personal Servers” an Archos players allowing for remote production and getting around firewall security issues in studio operations.

New Music

New CDs are added to the library every month and you can sample them via the “News/New CDs” page. Newer CDs will always appear first in order of their release date on the “Search Music” page.

CDs Coming Next:
  • Christmas Score – Category – Holidays.. Orchestral cues written to accompany light and romantic comedy movies.
  • Dramatic Atmospheres Vol 1 & 2 – Category – Suspense. Suspense cues with atmosphereic sounds designed as underscore for scary, haunted, dramatic movies..
  • Bureau Files – Category – Crime & Forensic. Thriller/suspense cues with a modern twist — think CSI..
  • Razor Sharp – Tension. Tension cues covering all genres of music..
  • Reggae City – Cateogry – Reggae. Instrumental beats of modern-day reggae..
  • Spectral Persuasions– Cateogry – Horror & Haunts. Haunting music that would work for ghosts and gheists and children..
  • Threshold – Cateogry – Drama. Dramatic undersore cues.
  • Coming Home – Cateogry – Family Drama. Dramatic family cues that you might see and hear on the Halmark channel.
  • Killer In Question – Cateogry – Thriller. Underscore cues that create tension and suspense.

Big Score Music Composers & Clients

I am often amazed about how blessed Big Score Music is.

First, to have the finest composers contributing music to our library. I am talking about 152 songwriters and composers — when we started we had 11. Some of this amazing talent came to us from overseas as international composers have found us through the Big Score Music website “submit music” page and our Myspace presence. We now have composers from France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Canada and even Beijing. All of the composers writing for Big Score Music are awesome and we are proud to represent their music to our clients.

Second, to have grown as quickly as we have as a company while maintaining quality and personal service to our clients. I can’t tell you how important this is to us. We don’t aspire to become too big where we can’t return phone calls quickly and have a handle on all of our music so we know what to recommend. In our book the client still, and always will, comes first. Likewise, we will continue to grow the Big Score Music catalogue to meet our client’s needs but we will never sacrifice the quality or content of the music just to have more tracks.

Third and last, to have so many new customers that are using our product in the marketplace. We started out by scoring independent pictures with the library and quickly grew a name for ourselves in this arena but as our catalogue continued to grow we began doing business with ad agencies, networks and cable companies. Most recently we have launched a product for the internet and wireless industries. There really isn’t any music niche we can’t fill as we now have 85 different categories of music on over 200 CDs. We wish to thank our clients who have supported our efforts thus far.

Jerrold W. Lambert – President & CEO

What We Are Looking For

Big Score Music is currently looking for representation in a
number of European countries, Asia and South America. Interested
parties should contact Jerrold
W. Lambert

We are also looking to bring on sales representatives
throughout the united sates. Contact us to learn more — must
have previous sales experience.