Big Score Music Testimonials

"I’ve known these guys for years.  When they first told me about Big Score Music I thought they were pulling my leg.  Now I’ve used it and it is amazing.  We practically scored our entire picture with it.  By far the best compositions of any library I’ve heard.

Sean Cunningham – Producer/Director, Friday the 13th 1-10, Deepstar 6, Spring Break, House

"Over the years I have produced a diverse range of shows from TV Documentaries, Corporate Videos, Commercials, Infomercials and reality programming.  I have used Big Score Music almost exclusively for all my musical needs in my productions and have never been disappointed.  I have always been pleased with the variety in the selection of high quality music tracks.  This Production Music Library is easy to sample, the cues are a snap to edit and even the way the tracks are named is logical and intuitive and makes working with the library a lot of fun.  With Big Score Music, every project is enhanced by the abundant musical choices and I am always certain that the tracks I deliver to my client are top quality and sound like a scored track.

Dan Loewenthal – Producer/Director

"Finally – a ‘go to’ library that is more than a mere production music library – it is a home for music that is built by professional’s "in the know!"  Having worked directly with Harry, utilizing his composing prowess on multiple films, it makes sense that he and Jerry would put together a music source that truly fits the needs for film and TV projects.  Plus, talk about an easy team to work with!  Thanks for making my world more musical and simplified!"

Mason Cooper – Music Supervisor – Songrunner Entertainment

This Big Score website is brilliant.  I love it so much!  I can’t tell you how happy you have made all of us filmmakers.  I hope you know I will be recommending this to everyone I know.  Music is a huge deal to me and the quality of all your tracks is beyond what I had hoped for!

Vanessa Revard Roman – Producer – Inspired Productions

Having produced more than 250 movies over the last 30 years, I have never come across a music library that comes close to being as complete and geared for movies and television as I have with Big Score Music.  The quality of the music and the fact that it is composed by established composers in the business is what makes Big Score Music unsurpassed in its scope.

Charles Band – Fullmoon Features

"As you know, I am your biggest fan with Big Score Music now handling six  pictures a year for me.  Big Score Music has done a wonderful job, and on difficult budgets, always outscores the rest."

Jack Nasser – Nasser Entertainment Group

"It’s simple.  Absolutely everyone involved with setting music to film or video, whether for independent pictures, television, commercials, industrial films, or private projects, should drop by Big Score Music and do a little ‘Windows’ shopping.  Jerry Lambert, Harry Manfredini and several other industry veterans have done us all one hell of a favor by setting up this company and web-site."

Harry Shannon – Producer, Former VP Music @ Carolco Pictures, Inc.

"Big Score Music delivered music that not only sounded great, and was easy to edit, but it really captured the excitement of our product.  This is the library to use for all your infomercial and promotional projects!  Bravo Big Score Music."

Michael Bylinkin – Marketing Director for IQAIR

"Big Score Music was a godsend for our documentary, GOING TO PIECES: THE RISE AND FALL OF THE SLASHER FILM."

Rachel Belofsky – Documentary Filmmaker

"Finally something that made my life as a director/producer much easier!  Such a comprehensive, easy to use collection of amazing cues that can mean only one thing – a much better film!  I can’t imagine our picture without the jaw-dropping cues from Big Score Music."

Yossi Sasson – Producer/Director

"Amazing music for any television or film project – very accessible and easy to use!"

Vera Chawla – Producer

"With our upcoming documentary KING OF THE DEAD: THE LIFE AND DEATHS OF TOM SAVINI beginning production, we were turned on to what I think has to be the most extensive music library for film and television I have ever seen!  I recommend Big Score Music to anyone who needs music for their production no matter how big or how small!!!"

Ray Dowaliby – SCARS Media, Inc.

"The value of Big Score Music is immeasurable.  The variety alone makes this Library one of the most useful tools in film/TV production.  Great job guys!"

Jon Blumberg – Producer, History Channel

"I’ve been blessed and fortunate so far to have worked with Big Score Music on several occasions and I can’t wait to work with them again.  Luckily for me the Big Score Music team borders on genius and a part of being a good director and producer is to surround yourself with the best damn talent in the industry.  I can always rely on Big Score Music to be there for me to create magnificent music."

Nick Vallelonga – Producer/Director

"Creative people thrive in creative environments – this is never more applicable than when directing a film.  From writers, to actors, to the post production crew, a director needs his ‘go-to-guys’ in order to succeed.  Harry and Jerry, and the Big Score Music team, are some of the most reliable and creative ‘go-to-guys’ I’ve ever worked with."

Keoni Waxman – Director

"You’ve made the scoring process for filmmakers so much easier.  The cues are superb and there are so many to choose from.  I believe that your library is destined to become the GO TO place for films needing a rich and distinctive score."

Armand Mastroianni – Director

"The Big Score Music Library is fantastic.  It’s unbelievably easy to use — and the music selections are really extensive.  We were able to find the right music for every scene.  We’re looking forward to using Big Score Music on our upcoming pictures."

James Bruner & Elizabeth Stevens – Filmmakers

There are some horror icon composers within Big Score Music and I was very fortunate to work with them on my first film.  They definitely made the movie better and I can’t wait to work with them again."

Padraig Reynolds  – Writer/Director of The Election

"Be it a TV show or a feature, Big Score Music is always there when I need them — giving me just the track I need when I need it. Few things in this business are as good as advertised. There’s always a catch or hidden cost lurking in the background. Not so with Big Score Music. They are the real thing!"

Geoff Garrett – Producer, Universal Media Studios, NBC Studios

You haven’t composed a film music score unless you’ve conducted a 100 piece orchestra. This in one of the reasons I work with legendary composers Harry Manfredini, Richard Band, John Massari and Jerry Lambert at Big Score Music. Not only are they the most talented genre movie music composers/conductors in the business but they also have a thorough knowledge of every type of music you could ever need. I’ve worked with them for so many successful years that I simply don’t need to go anywhere else.

Filmmaker David DeCoteau, Producer/Director of over 100 feature films.