Terms of Use
Terms & Conditions For The Use Of Big Score Music

  1. All Big Score Music’s music which includes music distributed by Big Score Music is protected by worldwide copyright and requires written permission from Big Score Music for use in any private or public production.  Big Score Music’s music may not be copied or or recorded for any purpose without a valid written License from Big Score Music.
  2. A valid license from Big Score Music grants you synchronization and mechanical rights.  While each production only incurs a single license fee, any revision of the production, or release of it in a new format requires an additional license.
  3. Application for Licensing of Big Score Music’s music must be made within 48 hours of the completion of the production.  Delay in requesting music clearance could result in a higher license fee being charged.  Accurate information for each music use must be listed on the License Application.
  4. Upon Big Score Music’s receipt of your completed License Application and Cue Sheet (if required), an invoice for the applicable license fee will be sent.  Upon receipt of full payment of the invoice amount, Big Score Music will issue a Synchronization and Master Use License.
  5. All Synchronization and Master Use Licenses are granted in perpetuity as long as there are no changes in either the audio or visual portions of the production.  Any change in either the audio or video portion of the production requires a new license at the current rate.  Alternate language versions of any production require an additional license, charged at one half the rate of the original production rate.
  6. If a production is scheduled for television broadcast, radio broadcast or for film or cinema theatrical release, fully completed Cue Sheets must be sent to both Big Score Music and to the appropriate performing rights society (see Contact Information).  A fully completed Cue Sheet must contain details of all Big Score Music’s music and any other music used in the production, as well as the initial air date or presentation date and the markets of distribution.
  7. No lyrics may be added to any of Big Score Music’s music without prior written permission.
Definitions Of Terms Used On This Website

Audio/Visual, Slide Film, Video, Multimedia, CD ROM, DVD, Direct to Video, Videocassette, On-Hold Messages, Corporate Presentations or In-House use & Powerpoint Presentations, Audio Cassette, Internet-all uses of any kind, Podcasting, Commercial Websites, Personal  Websites, Music on Hold, Live Events of any kind whether broadcast or not, Advertising and Promotions, Local/Regional or any non-licensed broadcast, Local/Regional, or an non-ASCAP/ BMI/SESAC licensed broadcast, E-mail use of any kind, Books, Magazines, Video Games, Internet Games.

Programming broadcast to the general public on radio and/or television, including Free TV, Cable TV, Satellite TV, Infomercials, Pay Per View, Common Carrier (In Flight, Cruise Ships)  & the Internet; in local, regional and national markets.

Public Service Announcements broadcast on radio and/or television.

Productions exhibited in theatrical venues where a general admission fee is charged or consideration of any kind is exchanged as in the case of feature films, movie trailers, and live theater productions.

Production blanket rates are based on unlimited music use for one single production. Rates charged are based on the clearances required and the total length of the production rather than on the duration of the music used.  Production Blanket rates are not available for all uses.  Where applicable on the rate card, you are referred to the appropriate Production Rate.

A single use of an individual Music Cue.  The single use may be any length, up to the total length of the longest mix of that Cue, and must be continuous.  if only one Music Cue is used in a production, but the Cue is used 3 separate times with gaps in between each use,  3 music cues are counted for licensing purposes.  If you loop a Music Cue extra fees may apply.  Please contact Big Score Music if you are considering looping one or more Music Cues.

The right granted by the copyright holder or agent by which an end user is authorized to place audio content in timed relation within training or marketing presentations, radio and television presentations or commercials, and any other multimedia, audio visual or computer  generated displays, programs or presentations

A violation of Big Score Music’s Terms of Use, as outlined above, is subject to immediate legal action whereby the distribution of the project in question could be enjoined until the matter is resolved.

Our Terms of Use might change, so please review this page on an ongoing basis. Further questions should be directed to license@bigscoremusic.com.