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This page, and its supporting tabs, makes available to our customers a broad range of services designed to help and inform them on the use of this site.

Help, Tips & Video: Access videos that help you navigate the site and effectively use the search engine with its advanced Soundminer tools.  Learn how to create playlist and download tracks in MP3 format and full bandwidth WAV files.

FAQs:  Get answers to some of the most commonly asked questions of our tech support team.  Always check this page first before contacting tech support or a licenses specialist as the answers to your inquiries are most likely here.

Cue Sheets:  Download Excel and PDF cue sheets. Learn about performance rights societies. Discover why cue sheets are necessary when licensing BSC’s music.

Terms of Use:  Read the legal disclaimer for the use of the Big Score Music website and the use of the Big Score Music Library. Find useful definitions here.