Scoring Movies

Score Your Movie With BSC
You Compose The Score With BSC

It is possible to score entire movies with the BSC Library.  We should know, we’ve done over 50 films, start-to-finish, in the last five years.  Whether you choose to use your own music editor or one of ours it is easy to find tracks with similar themes since our creative team has titled, categorized, and created metadata with movies in mind!

Check out our automatic cue sheets when using the Search Engine.  This feature saves you time and money and helps you to keep track of the cues that you use.  Simply create your playlist with the tracks that you are going to use and select "Cue Sheet."  The program does the rest.

BSC can always create original music compositions to go along with the library tracks that you select.  Whether an opening title sequence, songs, or theme creation within the picture, you have 138 working composers to choose from.  Contact us and we will prepare a quote for you.

The easiest way to cut music to picture is with our BSC Hard Drives containing high bandwidth audio data files and Soundminer Data tags.  Tracks preview instantly and can be dropped/imported directly into Pro-tools, Logic, Digital Performer, Avid, or any other digital audio software on the market.  For even better results use the hard drive in conjunction with Soundminer software (see information on the Soundminer page.)