New Big Score Music CD’s
The Latest from BSC

Big Score Music continually brings its clients new production music tracks.  Check out the latest CDs on this page.  Each CD has its own mp3 player which you can start, pause, fast-forward through.  Make sure and check back each month as the selections will change.

BSC203 Social Media Gltiz


Category – Lifestyles


Hip-hop instrumentals that feature the bling of modern times

BSC204 Award Shows


Category – Live Events


Play-ons and Play-offs for live events plus dramatic music that sits well under presentation and acceptance speeches.

BSC205 Where The Heart Is


Category – Romance


Romantic cues that speak to the heart of the matter.

BSC206 Smooth Soul


Category – R & B


Modern-day R&B tracks that ooze soul! 

BSC207 Hullabaloo


Category – 60’s


Think Beach Blanket Bingo with this one – live songs and instrumentals
recorded in the 60’s. 

BSC208 Affrican-American Spiritual


Category – Period/Historical


Songs from the civil war era that are sung acapella with a lot of soul.