BSC Production Music Library
The Big Score Music Library

Music is what we do. Check it out by accessing the various tabs (sub menus) under the "Music" heading.

Search Music: Once you are registered with Big Score Music you have instant access to search the entire library. If you have signed an Internet Agreement with us you will be able to download tracks in MP3 or full bandwidth WAV files. You can also search via our hard drives with Sound Miner data tags.

Music Catalogue: Browse Big Score Music’s vast catalogue of music tracks. Read a description of every CD and sample them by clicking on their artwork.

Preview Music: Listen to music in the Big Score Music Library. These are demos that we have put together to show you the depth of the catalogue. We have combined categories (usually no more than three) in order to cover more ground quickly. Many of our customers let these demos play in the background while they work — over two hours of music!

Submit Music: Composers seeking representation with Big Score Music can upload demo tracks here. Management downloads these tracks daily and follows up within a week. If there is interest from both parties BSC will e-mail an agreement to the composer/songwriter. There is an acknowlegement that must be agreed to prior to uploading tracks.

Scoring Movies: Big Score Music is owned and operated by working composers and songwriters in the business. The company was formed as an alternative source to scoring entire movies — start-to-finish. With over ten thousand tracks of music BSC never comes up short. BSC also writes original score for projects that require something beyond the library. Check out the Scoring Music page as it lists many of the movies that BSC has scored.