BSC Production Music Licenses
Types of Big Score Music Licenses

Big Score Music offers two types of music licenses — Annual Blanket and Digi-Drop (within the Digi-Drop License Agreement, there are three choices, Digi-Drop, Production Blanket and Annual Theme). Before a license can be granted, prospective clients must first sign the Big Score Music Internet/Website Agreement or the Hard Drive Agreement.

You may request a license by downloading the following documents or fill out the on-line License Request below.

Cue Sheets must accompany license applications when productions are for broadcast on Radio/Television or play


What Type of Production Music License is Right For Me?


This type of music license started off being called a Needle Drop. Now Big Score Music, the first, all-digital Music Library has coined the term "Digi-Drop" which refers to the digital music file being synchronized and performed.

Digi-Drop (Per Use):

The advantage of a per-use approach is that the client has a very low cash investment and only pays for the music that is actually used. This option is also helpful if the client budgets music use on a production by production basis.

Production Blanket:

If the client needs to use a lot of music from Big Score Music in a single production then the Production Blanket option might be the best choice of license. With this license, the client pays one price for any and all music used in a single production.

Annual Theme:

This type of license allows the client to use a single theme on an unlimited basis for a twelve month period. This is an economical way to lease the music for a finite period when the client does not require perpetuity rates.

Annual Master & Synchronization:

If the client uses a lot of music in various productions then this type of license would be the most economical choice as it covers all uses of the Big Score Music Library for a full calender year.