Get Access to Thousands of BSC Tracks!
Instant Access to 1000’s Big Score Music Tracks

Get instant access to the Big Score Music Library with a Big Score Music Hard Drive embeded with Sound Miner Data Tags allowing users to search and transfer full bandwidth 48K, 24 bit WAV files without the inconvenience of waiting for internet downloads. Updates are done on a quarterly basis and arrive on thumb (flash drives).

There is an initial deposit of USD$250 for the Hard Drive of which $200 is applied to future licenses and $50 goes to cover the cost of shipping and handling.

As with all of our licenses, payments can be made either by check or via Google Wallet. The Hard Drive will be shipped upon receipt of payment. The Hard Drive must be returned to Big Score Music per the Hard Drive Agreement if usage drops below an acceptable annual level. Customers who do not return Hard Drives will be billed an additional $250.00

How To Order

Please read the Terms of Use and our Rate Sheet before filling out the hard drive request on this page. If you have any questions, please Contact Us. All uses of Big Score Music’ music accessed through Hard Drives must be licensed!

Users must first sign a Big Score Music Hard Drive Agreement (Click Here for a PDF Sample of the Agreement) before receiving a hard drive. In order to get a copy of the agreement, please fill out the the form below in its entirety and we will contact you. All submitted information is confidential and is for licensing purposes only (please see our Privacy Policy). All hard drive requests are answered promptly.


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