1.)  How do I start searching for music?

First you must register.  Go to the "Home" page or click the Big Score Music logo in the upper left corner of the page (this will always take you to the home page).  Once on the "Home" page you will notice the client area in the upper right corner.  Click on "Register."  This will take you to the "Sign On" page.  Click "Register" again.  Enter the appropriate information and press the "Register" button for the last time.  A verification e-mail will be sent to you immediately giving you access to the search site.  If for some reason you don’t get the verification e-mail please contact us as sometimes the computer generated e-mails get stuck in spam filters.  Once you have access to the search site you can start finding music right away.  Keep in mind that there are many different ways to search for music and you should watch the video on the "Help Tips & Video" page to help you better understand the search engine.

2.)  Is the music free?

Is anything really free in this world?  No, the music is not free.  Big Score Music licenses its music to its customers.  Please refer to the "Rate Sheet" page under the "Licensing" menu for prices (contact us for negotiable rates).  You will also find a sample license here and an on-line License application.  The only possible scenario where the music could be free is if the music is used for educational purposes whereby the project is not produced for commercial use — these productions are evaluated on a case by case basis.

3.)  How do I pay for the music?

First you must fill out a license application — reference question 2 above.  Payment can be made via credit card through Google Check Out (see our new and improved interactive "Rate Sheet" page) or by wire transfer (contact us for wire instructions) or by check.  Please note that customers paying by check will not receive their license until their check clears unless they are already an established customer.

4.) Is the music royalty free?

The Big Score Music Library is not royalty free music.  BSC offers top notch compositions by working composers within the established entertainment industry.  You will not find this caliber of music in a royalty free music library.

5.) Are your composer deals non-exclusive?

No, our composer deals are exclusive.  The reason for this is that we do not wish to offer our clients something they can find elsewhere.  There are a lot of internet music sites out there.  We can’t speak to the veracity of their composer agreements but we can speak for ours.

6.) Why is your music library superior to others?

First of all we have over 150 working composers within the entertainment industry contributing music.  These are not people just writing library music by profession, these are people scoring movies and television shows, creating music for some of the hottest commercials, composing music for top selling video games and internet sites.  Secondly, the management team at Big Score Music spends a lot of time developing the metadata for each track of music — a title that best represents the cue, a description that uses as many descriptive words as possible to identify the cue, 8 key words, key signature, tempo, instrumentation, etc…  Finally, Big Score Music was founded by composers and filmmakers understanding what was needed on both sides.

7.) Does your sync and master-use license hold up under scrutiny at the studios and networks?

Our sync and master-use licenses were written by an attorney who worked for Warner Brothers in their legal department.  Out of the hundreds of licenses that we have written to studios, networks and cable channels we have never had a change requested.  You can view a sample of our license on this website.

8.) What is a cue sheet and do I need one of these?

The short answer is yes.  Please see our cue sheet compliance section on the "Cue Sheets" page under the "Support" menu.  Additional information on this page will explain what a cue sheet is and how to fill it out.  We also supply you with a cue sheet that you can download.

9.) Can I score my entire movie with your music library, and if so, how much will it cost?

You can absolutely score your entire movie with the Big Score Music Library.  The cost of doing so depends on how many cues you use and the length of the cues but you can also call us for a package quote on an all encompassing license and we will negotiate a fair price with you.

10.) Can you also create original music for my project?

Big Score Music represents over 150 composers representing a multitude of genres who are capable of creating anything your might need in the way of music.  Contact us regarding what you are looking for and we will pair you with the appropriate composer for your project.

11.) How fast is the turnaround time on securing a licence for a project?

We can process licenses within 24 hours as long as payment has been verified.  We have an on-line license application for ease of use or you can download a license application and fax or e-mail it to us (see "Contact Us" page for contact information).  We have purposely designed this process to be quck and easy for our clients.

12.) Do you offer buy-out deals to your customers?

No, we do not offer buy-out deals to our customers but do offer several types of licenses.

13.) How do you update your product?

Updates are done on a quarterly basis with flash drives although the website is updated monthly with new CDs.  Please make sure and check the "New CDs" page under the "News" section of the main menu.

14.) How do I report music usage?

To report music usage you must fill out a Big Score Music license application which can be done via our online license application or by downloading a PDF of the application.  The application must be filled out completely and then submitted on-line, faxed or e-mailed back to us so we can generate a license once payment has been received.  All BSC music usage must then be reported on cue sheets and submitted to the applicable performance society — there is a downloadable cue-sheet on our "Cue Sheet" page.