BSC Cue Sheets
Performing Rights & Societies

Annual and Digi-Drop music licenses for cues in the Big Score Music Library include synchronization rights but not performance rights. BMI, ASCAP, SESAC, and other Performance Societies around the world, administer these rights and distribute revenues to score music composers and publishers by collecting directly from Radio and TV broadcasters, networks, movie theaters, cable providers, satellite TV and various other sources under international and national copyright protection laws. In order for composers and publishers to collect royalties for performance rights, music uses must be reported on a CUE SHEET which is then sent to the various performance societies.


Clients can submit CUE SHEETS directly to the performance societies or they can submit CUE SHEETS to Big Score Music and Big Score Music will ensure that the reports are submitted to the appropriate society.

There are no additional fees associated with submitting CUE SHEETS. The end-user, broadcasters, theater owners, etc…, pay directly to the performance societies.

Cue Sheet Compliant Projects

The following is a list of the types of productions where music uses must be reported on a CUE SHEET: 

  1. Film
  2. Theatrical
  3. Broadcast, Cable & Satellite TV
  • Featured Music
  • Background Music
  • Themes
  • Logos
  • Infomercials
  • Promotional announcements and commercial jingles
  • Syndicated and locally originating programs

Local Television per program licenses

  • Films and video productions
  • Syndicated programming
  • Locally originating program broadcasts
  • Incidentals and ambient uses of music that have been broadcast

Sending Cue Sheets to Big Score Music

Submit CUE SHEETS to Big Score Music and they will be forwarded to the appropriate performance societies.

  1. Download the PDF Big Score Music Sample CUE SHEET or if you are a registered user you can use the automatic cue sheet in the Sound Miner portion of the web site.
  2. If using the PDF, print the Sample CUE SHEET and complete the document.
  3. Fax the cue sheet to Big Score Music at (888) 514-8354 or e-mail it to
  4. Or e-mail to:


  1. Download the MS Word Big Score Music Sample CUE SHEET
  2. Complete the form on your compute
  3. Print and fax to Big Score Music at (888) 514-8354.
  4. Or e-mail to:

Cue sheets must contain complete details of ALL the music that has been used in your production, regardless of the music’s composer or publisher. Performing Rights Societies will not accept incomplete Cue Sheets.

If you need additional information or have specific questions about music licensing and/or Cue Sheet reporting, please Contact Us or access the following links: