BSC Company History

Big Score Music, formed in 2003 by Jerrold W. Lambert, set out  to be the panacea for traditional production music libraries.  Geared with pinnacle composers, Big Score Music is capable of completely scoring thousands of movies and TV shows without repeating a single cue.  Although not as large a company as some of its competitors, Big Score Music maintains that quality is more important than quantity and providing clients with the most unique, commercial, and state-of-the-art musical recordings in the industry is the key to success.  Harry Manfredini and Richard Band, both long-time friends and composers, partner with Lambert in this venture — the common goal — to be the best!

Since Big Score Music began in the digital world, our entire Production Music Library has been mastered and edited by leading music producers and engineers on the finest equipment and at the highest sample rates possible.  Sound files start from first modulation and end upon expiration of sound.  Much thought went into titling and categorizing individual music tracks and creating the most powerful metadata possible to ensure the most competent searches.  Big Score Music also set out to make music licensing simple by offering a short-form, user-friendly, Digi-Drop sync and master use license.

In 2010 Big Score Music entered into an Agreement with Soundminer which houses the Big Score Music Library and Master Tracks.  The Soundminer engine now drives the Search Engine of this web site.  Users of Soundminer software can also instantly access the metadata to BSC’s tracks if they have an existing music license with Big Score Music and order a Digital Hard Drive.

It took four years to design the company and acquire the vast catalog of  music in the Library.  Big Score Music officially announced its entry into the Production Music Library Business at the 2007 NAB show in Las Vegas and has continued to grow ever since.