About BSC
The Company

Big Score Music is a Production Music Library offering competitive mechanical and synchronization license rates for the use of its digital music (see Rate Sheet).  Big Score started out as Gratis Music, a company that did not sell CDs to its customers yet provided easy access to its tracks through its website, Hard Drives, Dashbox servers and personal servers.  Marketing test results made it clear that a name change would benefit the company as it continued to grow and the owners decided to do it in early 2010.

The company was founded by Jerrold W. Lambert, a 25 year veteran of the film and entertainment business.   After working as a studio executive and faced with how difficult it had become to find and license music,  Lambert enlisted the aid of two of his closest friends, Harry Manfredini and Richard Band to begin the creation of the best music library on the planet.

With distribution throughout the world, Big Score Music is a one-stop-shop for all music licensing and production needs.